Friday, May 7, 2010

SAHMs - Changing Your Lifestyle.

Ok, so yesterday I told you all that all mom's CAN be a SAHM and I know you were all dying with anticipation, right?! Just say right haha. So here goes...

There really is no reason to have two incomes in a family. The problem comes when you live above what one income could afford. When a family has two incomes, they adjust to a higher living style. They buy more expensive things - it is just how it is. I think the biggest piece of advice I would give to any starting up family without kids is to expect the woman to want to be come a stay at home mom. If they buy a house and such that doesn't allow that, she won't have that option and it may really cause her to be unhappy. So, leave that option open
This starts when you buy a house. When you buy a house you need to make sure that you could make the payment with only one income. Also, is there a need for two cars? Generally, yes, but honestly, you can survive with one. Make sure the payments can be made with just one income.

Ok, so those are two big things that can help open up the option of being a SAHM. But, say that you already did those things, and you could make it on one income, but it would be really TIGHT and you're worried. What do you do then? I'll tell you! haha

As a SAHM, you will have extra time, maybe not a lot, but put down the blog or facebook for awhile haha.

You see, a lot of things that will save you money, take extra time. I know a lot of SAHMs who tell me that they worry about money but they refuse to do anything that would be a "pain in their butts" or take time away from something else.
Here is my list of ways to save money:

1. CLOTH DIAPER! I personally am just starting up so it is taking extra money now. The startup cost can be a bit higher, if you buy all brand new. is a great place to get gently used diapers. Just wash them up and they can be half the price of new ones! I won't buy anything with stains and most sellers tell you if there are stains. A family can spend around $800 per year per child in diapers. Spend $500 - this is brand new, you honestly can get a lot used for tons cheaper, and you are DONE! And they are reuseable for the next baby!

2. Use cloth wipes. I spent $6 on fabric and have made a bunch of cloth wipes. A simple wipe mixture is 2tbsp baby oil, 2tbsp baby wash and 2 cups water. Or, a lot of moms just use water and add soap if the baby really needs a cleaning, but i prefer that mixture! Wipes may seem cheap, but a family can use, on average, $100 a year on wipes. Go cloth!

3. Coupon. This takes time - I take about 2 hours a week on clipping, organizing, and matching sales. 2 hours?! Coupons can save a ton - honestly, there are tons of websites to teach you how to coupon correctly and I promise you will save money.

4. Create a stockpile of food of things your family eats alot or you use to cook with frequently. The grocery bill will go up at first, but then will go down drastically! My stockpile is sooo good that I spend on average $30 a week - which is meats, dairy stuff like eggs, deli meats and fruits/veggies. If something is low in my stockpile, I find some coupons for it, and get as many as I need.

5. Make your own baby food. It isn't hard. I have only made a little bit, but I can tell you I've already saved close to $20 and that adds up! It doesn't take a lot of time, effort, or money. Its great! Also, it is healthier for them. There are no preservatives in it or pesticides if you buy organic!

6. Check out yard sales, flea markets, and second hand stores. I don't always buy stuff from these places, but I like to check them out for cool decorations that I can redo cheaply and make my own. Its like an adventure. I love Once Upon A Child also. The toys are gently used that I can give a good cleaning and be great. Also, when babies are young, they go through so many clothes. This is the perfect place to get a lot of good play clothes that they can get dirty!

7. Ditch paper towels and napkins. Yup, I said that! Honestly, you don't need them and its just more waste for the landfills. Get some cheap towels at the dollar store to use for your cleaning. Get good dishtowels and rags for the kitchen. Get some fun fabric at a craft store and sew your own cloth napkins or buy some at Target or Wal-Mart. Wash them when they are dirty!

8. Make your own cleaning products. The products you buy in the store have a ton of harmful chemicals. Personally, I don't want Caelyn around those. I only use store bought cleaning products for the bathroom and those are still the "green" products that are out lately because of this go green movement. The best cleaning products are vinegar, baking soda, and lemons which can all be purchased for very cheap.

9. This is something I don't do which I regret.. BREASTFEED! Hello, this is free and the best thing you can do! I don't need to say much more about this!

10. Create a small vegetable/herb garden. This saves on the grocery bills, you can make healthy meals for your family and if you combine this and making your baby food... then your baby food is FREE and you know where it is coming from! How perfect is that?!

11. Cut back on your electric bill by line drying your clothes during nice weather. Plus, who doesn't love the smell of line dried clothes?!!?

See.. this is just a few things you can do. There are plenty more. You can save money, but it will take your time. I wish all women knew this because I wish all mothers could be SAHMs.
As I said yesterday, I consider myself a part-time SAHM, but I do everything I can to stretch the money that Robert makes. He works hard and I want to be able to get a lot from that money. So, I take the time to do extra laundry for her cloth diapers, I take time to coupon and everything else.

Also, if you cloth diaper and use cloth wipes, think about selling homemade cloth wipes and learn how to make cloth diapers. I myself am looking into doing this. This is a great way to bring money into your home and still be a SAHM!

I hope this helped someone!


  1. You are right, a lot of people (myself included) have adjusted to a more expensive lifestyle. My Grannie had a family of 6 in a 1000 square foot house with only car. It was hard as hell, but back then, everyone lived like that. I will be a SAHM as of June, and I am determined to cut back so I can be a SAHM for as long as I desire to be. Good tips!! I will be referring back to them in June!

  2. There are sooooo many ways to cut back really.. I bet I could figure out how much I could save by using all of those things in a month.. with coupons.. its endless. i know a woman who spends no more than $5 on $200 worth of groceries!