Saturday, May 8, 2010

Ask the Mamas - Cloth Diapering During Hot Weather

With summer fast approaching and me new to cloth diapering, I have a question for all you cloth diapering moms - do your babies seem hotter with cloth diapers on?

I look at my cloth diapers, like my Fuzzi Bunz, which I love, but they are fleece and I keep thinking OMG her butt is going to be soooooooo warm. I constantly worry about her being hot actually. I hate to be hot, I hate to be cold but I pick cold over hot anyday.

I currently have in my stash: Flips, gDiapers (which I no longer like and only use if I have to - I get leaks every damn time thank god they were given to me!), coolababy, Rainshine Designs, Kookabum, and Fuzzi Bunz. I'm looking to try some more like Gro Baby, Thirsties Duo, and Bum Genius.

So, my question really is... how do you cloth diaper your baby during hot weather? I mean I know when it is hot she will be wearing less clothes, a lot of onesies, dresses, etc.. but still.. any suggestions and advice for me would be GREAT!

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