Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Coveted Stay-At-Home-Mom

After I had Caelyn, I had no desire to work at all. In fact, I cried thinking about it and cried the first day I went back. It doesn't help that I don't like my job, even it is only two days a week! Now, I don't mind it so much, two days a week at night and it lets me get out for a bit. I consider myself a part-time stay at home mom because of school and work.. but during the summer, I will only be gone for maybe a total of 15hours - maybe. When school starts up again, I will be gone on Tuesday and Thursday from 8am til 2pm. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, for just an hour. I will only work two days a week, I'm not sure what days. But, in general, I feel as if I am very close to be a SAHM.

But that isn't the point of this post....

According to my psychology book.. 80% of women express a desire to be a stay at home mom rather than work. Do you agree? I do.

Infants that have full-time working mothers generally have anxious-avoidance issues. Meaning, when the mother or father returns to pick them up from daycare or whatever they pretend to not see them or "avoid" them because they are hurt that they were left alone. There are many adverse side effects to having two full-time working parents.
I hear so many mothers express their wish to be a stay at home mom and it upsets me. One, I wish that all mothers could be a stay at home mom because it really is beneficial for children. When I say children, I mean younger children before they hit preschool. This is the crucial time.
It also upsets me because almost every mother has the option to be a SAHM but they don't realize it. I say almost because I know there are excepts to this. But you might say that I'm wrong.. but it is the truth.. And I will tell you how.. Its called changing the style in which you live.

Tomorrow.. Find out what I mean by this!


  1. I can truly tell you that I have been very blessed with all the years that I have stayed home with my children. And I can also tell you that they grow very fast. So fast. My oldest will be 14 next month and it just seems like yesterday I was the young mom with the baby.

    Enjoy these years. :)

  2. I had someone tell me yesterday that I was so lucky to be able to do it because money is to tight for her to be able to. I nodded and smiled at her but inside I was screaming!! My hubby makes 30K!!!!!!! We sacrifice so much for me to stay with our kids because we don't want them to be raised by people we don't know. This is quite a soapbox for me so I am going to go ahead and stop now...

  3. Exactly! To be a SAHM takes a lot of sacrifices and woman WANT to be a SAHM but still have the same luxuries as a working mom. They dont want to give things up!
    I could stop working completely, but I decided not to.. since its only a few hours a week and its extra spending money, but we could do without it if I tried harder. But, I try not to complain about working those few hours because I know if I sacrifice more, I can have it.