Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Well, I went to the doctor on Tuesday. I told him what was going on.. that I am very irritated lately, I've never remember being like this ever.. I snap, I have trouble going to sleep at night so I stay up ridiculously long, I have days when I am just sooo sad, I cry. Days I don't know why I am sad, I just am. I feel overwhelmed (but that to me is normal because well im a new mom). Prior to having a baby, I've always been an anxious person.. full of worries. I've had panic attacks and such before. I've always known that I wasn't normal, but it has gotten worse.

So, as I said, I went in. I was so nervous and embarrassed.. and ashamed. I always thought that I'd be the one person that wouldn't need to ever talk to a doctor about these kinds of things. I thought they would make fun of me (so childish, right) or tell me its all in my head.

They did none of that! Thank god, or I might have never came back to that doctor and I love him, out of pure embarrassment.

In fact, they told me I am normal, because most women get some form of PPD. My doctor told me that he did research at Cleveland Clinic and found out that women who have girls are more likely to have PPD because women who have boys have testestorone in them. Interesting, huh?

Anyway.. he gave me some medication to try.. lexapro for my depression and ativan for my anxiety, anger, snapping-at-robert issues.

Lets hope it works! I understand that we women face these problems but I am going to get better and then one day get off of the meds and be back to how I used to be, sans meds. I have hope.


  1. You are not alone. I've had to take anti-depressants for 6 months after each baby due to PPD. Good for you for recognizing issues and asking for help!! Don't feel embarrassed or alone because you're among lots of friends. I always took Zoloft, but I hear Lexapro works well too. My only advice would be in 6 months, start talking to your doctor about weaning off. Anti-depressants are highly addictive, and you don't want your body to become dependent on them, you want it to remember how to produce normal hormone levels on it's own. And don't let anyone tell you that 1) you don't need them NOW or 2) you need them for the rest of your life, because neither one are true.

    Good luck and hang in there. If you ever need support from a fellow PPD sufferer, give me a holler!!

  2. Hang in there Momma! You can do it :) Glad you had the courage to talk to the doctor! Thanks for sharing

  3. I think the biggest thing I had to overcome with PPD is knowing that I had a choice. A choice to be ruled by my emotions or a choice to be happy. I am on baby number 4. Pregnancy #6. When I took Lexapro I felt so numb to everything... I knew that is not the way I wanted to live. God has given me grace to get through each pregnancy sometimes with meds and sometimes not. Knowing what you can handle is best. It's OK!! :) I will pray that you have clarity through all this and enjoy this time with your new baby! They are truly a blessing. Sending ((HUGS))