Thursday, May 20, 2010

Happy 21st Birthday, Robert!

Today is Robert's 21st birthday! Yay! He is LEGAL!! Haha.. now only two more months til we both can have a beer at a restaurant!

On tuesday, we had dinner at my parents to celebrate.. we had pizza and this amazing buffalo chicken dip, along with cake =

Both sets of my grandparents came down, along with my parents, and Bonnie, his dad's girlfriend. My aunt tami came along with her son Mason and his friend Collin, plus my sister was there. It was nice - it was family.

He got some presents.. including a subscription to xbox360 live. Oh boy - that will lead to boring nights for me! haha.

This is us at my parents house.. Boy, do I look icky or what? I think I look prego still haha

Look at that look on her face - fascinated. I love how he leaning down above her - he is such a parent.

Robert - happy birthday baby. I love you. I know we are going through some tough times lately, but I hope we get through them and create a beautiful life together. We are only at the beginning of our life together. You are an amazing father, I can tell just by looking at that picture.. and that just adds onto my love for you. Happy birthday - now go buy me some beer =) haha

Anyway, since today is his actual birthday, we are going to hang out and such, then tonight I am taking him, without the baby, to go to Pittsburgh to a bar/restaurant. That will be fun for us. And his present from me? He knows about.. I am giving him some $$ to go buy fishing gear he wants for this summer!

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