Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Emergency Kit

So, a few days ago I was driving out to a family party/get together.. which is out in the middle of NOWHERE. There are just as many cows out there as people. I am being quite serious when I say that haha. Anyway, I was driving and realized, oh crap did I forget a bottle?! And by this time I am 25+ mins into the drive, so there was no turning back. So here I am driving down the road in my little bright yellow 2-door cobalt (2-doors.. what was I thinking? Definitely not about a baby in the future!) reaching behind me searching thru the baby bag as I'm trying to watch the road. I found a bottle in there, but I was having a mini-heart attack and Caelyn's eyes are real big watching my hand searching through the bag haha.

This is when I decided I am going to create an "emergency kit bag" to keep in my car. Why? Because you never know what will happen or what I might forget. If I would have forgotten a bottle it would have been a major mommy fail for me!

So, what is going to go into my emergency kit bag?!

  • 10 disposable diapers (I use cloth, but these are only for emergency/run out of dipes situations)

  • a pack of disposable wipes

  • rash cream (you never know)

  • an extra bottle

  • a container with formula in it

  • a pair of shorts and short sleeve onesie

  • a pair of pants and long sleeve onesie

  • a jacket

  • socks

  • bib

  • a blanket

I don't want to have a HUGE bag, but I definitely believe in being prepared! The formula I will make sure to switch frequently. I can't keep water in the car because I don't want it to get warm - warm bottled water = bad. But, I think with having this "kit" in my car.. I can avoid a lot of possible mommy failures in the future!

What would you put in your emergency kit bag?


  1. For me. My daughter HATES her carseat, so a graham cracker tends to calm a hysterical 'I hate my carseat' fit. lol. So I would keep some graham crackers. =)

    Such a great idea though! I just might do this also!

  2. may a toy or something in case you forget one. or she drops it beyond reach. some plastic bags from target/supermarket in case you need to tie up a dirty diaper or stash dirty clothes

  3. We keep munchies, one onesie and a sleeper, extra disposables (yep, we CD too, but in an emergency, this is much easier), a package of wipes, and an extra "formula-only" bottle... we also keep a bottle warmer in the car... and a few extra toys to entertain her. (These help when there's a backup in traffic from a car wreck.)