Sunday, May 16, 2010

Coolababy Diapers

So, in my quest and adventure of starting to cloth diaper, I have been trying a lot of diapers. So far, my opinions on what I've tried.....

Flips = awesome! I've had no leaks, I love the inserts - I use them for tons of other diapers. Basically, awesome.

Fuzzi Bunz = awesome also! My only worry is that it will be too hot in the summer. They are thick with fleece, but GREAT for nighttime.

Rainshine Designs = nice. I've had some leaks but I think it is because I haven't found the right insert to use yet. This are made by a WAHM. Mine is bright yellow on the outside with a... hot pink JERSEY inside. I love that because it really makes this breathable. I really think everyone should try them. The benefit? You can completely customize them. There is a huge selection of outside prints and inside fabrics plus the color snaps. Its a custom diaper!

Kookabum = a no go. Luckily I bought this on I HATE THE INSIDE FABRIC! I like the outside fabric, but I won't use it. Maybe it was just this one, but I don't like it at all.

Baby Kicks Bumboo Pocket = I like this but it doesn't fit Caelyn right. I wish it did. I love that they are made from all natural fibers and it is soo soft inside. Idk if I am going to sell it or keep it in hopes that it will fit later.

gDiapers = Ok. I've had leaks, but I think I need new liners. I like the fabric on the outside, its cotton and feels like normal underwear. The liner design is kinda strange. I like the velcro on the back, but I don't like velcro. Maybe snaps would be better? They are my go-to when we are doing laundry!

Last but now least...

Coolababy = great! I bought diaper on for $9 and I love it. Its made in China and you can buy them in ebay. They are very cheap compared to most other brands. We've had no leaks, I love the colors that they come in and they are "cool" on her. For the price that they are, I would suggest everyone to try them. They are pockets, and I'm find the pocket love!
Some people are anti buying things from China, but honestly, everything nowadays is made in China and for the price they are.. well I definitely am going to buy a few more!

Have you ever tried Coolababy? If so, what did you think of them?

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  1. Need diapers?? Get your year supply of diapers today from brands like pampers, luvs & huggies

  2. Thanks for posting! This is great info!


  3. Great Info! I love love cloth diapering!! Currently we are using Flips, BG's (great for night) and GroBaby's (now GroVia) I am just looking for some new inserts for the BG's at nighttime as she is a heavy wetter and sleep 9-12 hours at night! Have you tried anything??

  4. I use flip, fuzzibunz, gdiapers, coolababy, nifty nappy, and rainshine designs! I want to try grobaby soon too.
    Do you use a doubler at night? At night, we use Flips with a stay-dry insert, plus a hemp doubler from Kissaluv.. no leask!

  5. I have 1 coolababy that I bought on ebay and I like it. they are light and easy to use.