Saturday, May 15, 2010

Blogging + Mommyhood

I love to blog and I love to read blogs. Not only have I found support from women I don't even know IRL, but I enjoy posting blogs for you all to read. I hope maybe you will find something you like, even if it is something to cook for dinner or something you can relate to. That definitely warms up my day when I read your thoughtful comments!

That being said, being a Mommy is hard work and I find sometimes I barely have time everyday to read blogs let alone to type out posts. But, I want to blog - after all, this is going to all be printed out and made into yearly family books, with all of our adventures as a family and personal adventures and learning experiences.
So, whats a Mommy to do?

Thank God for the option to schedule posts!

This blog was actually written on May 3rd, at 11:30 PM. Yup, but you won't read this until May 11th! I generally have up to a week written. This is how I put on recipes and such. This way if I don't have time to post something, one still goes up. I can take the time to read all of yours and leave some comments!
If there are two blogs in a day, it is because I had something else I wanted to put up that happened that day! Otherwise, they are about family and motherhood that doesn't have to go up the day I did it! Also, another reason I schedule is maybe I posted two posts that day and I don't want to put up too many in one day.. so I write it out and schedule it. If i wait until tomorrow? My idea will be gone, definitely!

This is how I balance mommyhood and blogging. How do you do it?


  1. I do the same thing! I write them all on the weekend and then schedule them to post during the week. No time on weeknights for blogging!

  2. yeah same! when I have a long nap or time, I write a couple of posts and schedule them Then at night, after C goes to bed, I read blogs.