Wednesday, April 7, 2010

This and That

Today was a long day for me - Wednesdays ALWAYS are. All together I had 6 hours of class time, plus baby time, cooking dinner, studying, and a late night trip to walmart which resulted in nothing. (I'm trying to figure out what to get my dad and also my grandma for their birthdays which are tomorrow, technically today since I am writing this after midnight) This reminds me of just how much parenthood changes even daily activities. I remember when a 9pm trip to walmart was most definitely not late. Now, 9pm is bath and bed time. I almost felt bad for going and throwing off our nighttime routine! We used to make late night trips to get movies and late dinners at Kings or Eat n' Park. Well now, I think I much prefer these days to those days.

I don't have much exciting to write about, yet. I'm sure something good will come around. But, I do have something to share with you that I've been waiting for a day when I have nothing to talk about. If you coupon, you will appreciate this.

I know that I clean out my coupon organizer about every month, because it seems like most expire at the end of the month. I generally throw them away, but not anymore. What do I do with them? Well I send them to military bases overseas is what I do!
I love a site called Moms Need to Know and one day while reading, I can across a post about sending expired coupons overseas. This is definitely something we all can do just to help others!

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