Thursday, April 8, 2010

10 weeks, Einstein and Birthdays

This baby is 10 weeks old today! Oh my, I just can't believe she is growing so fast. It almost breaks this Momma's heart. I love seeing how she changes and grows every day, but one day I know she won't need her Momma as much anymore and that makes me sad. But, I'm loving watching her grow.

So, today was my Dad's and my Grandma Linda's birthdays! Happy Birthday to you both, I love you both sooo much! Here is my dad (with my cousin Jack on his lap) and my grandma as we sang happy birthday to them! The whole family went to our local mexican restaurant - which is sooooo super yummy. We all had a really great time. So, my aunt gave me all of her baby einstein dvds that her children never use anymore. I decided to let Caelyn watch one this evening as I was trying to finish my theology paper. This Momma just needed a few minutes (which are hard to come by when Robert isn't home) to finish writing it. That little girl LOVED the dvd! It gave me enough time to finish my paper (almost). She was cooing, kicking, and squealing (kinda). Granted, an adult watching the dvds.... It is like something a person tripping on acid would like. But, whatever. If it gives me a few minutes to get what I need to do done AND it is educational! I know she is only 10 weeks but still - it is never too young to learn the ABCs! In fact, I sing it to her at least once everyday!


  1. Hi! Thanks for the follow. Your baby is adorable! I love that beautiful hair. :)

  2. your baby is precious!! i love her head full of hair, my kids were all born pretty much bald!

    i love your adult interpretation of the baby einstein dvd...SO TRUE! :)