Tuesday, April 6, 2010

2nd Month Checkup

Today was Caelyn's 2nd month checkup! Let me begin by saying that Caelyn was a big baby at birth - 9lbs 3oz and 21 inches long! She was beautiful and still is.
We went in and waited in the waiting room. Let me vent for a moment haha.
My baby is a WELL baby, so why must I wait in the same waiting room with all those darn kids with sickness and germs?! Usually, the well child room is open, but not today, and boy I was not happy. I don't want my little baby getting sick because they didn't want to have two waiting rooms. Whatever, I vented haha.
So, after filling out paperwork about her and her milestones and etc, off we went into to be checked.
Caelyn weighs... ready??... 15 lbs 11oz. Yes, you read that right. 15lbs 11oz and 24 1/2inches long. She is big for her age, but she is also tall, like me and her daddy. Her head is big also, about 44cm.
The doctor did say she was big for her age.. but not to really worry because she is also tall for her age and it balances out.
He told us to start giving her Pedialyte (I'm going to use Kroger's brand - Comfort for Baby) in between feedings to hold her off - I think so she will stop eating so much because she has to have cereal for her bottles because of her reflux.
He told us that at 4 months to start with baby food - vegetables. This makes me sooo excited! Thats the end of May. I love trying new things with her and seeing the excitement in her eyes.
We will continue to give her juice because of her constipation issues. She isn't regular - but, I know TMI, neither am I! Only well.
All I care about is that she is healthy. She showed off for him - kicking, cooing, and squealing. I love it.
She got two shots and it was a very serious meltdown. It broke Momma's heart. Then, I was holding her and the band-aid fell off and blood got all over my shirt. She slept for a long time and after she woke up, she was very happy - but sleepy.
I love my little girl.


  1. A good checkup is always a relief for Mommy! Fun times await with baby food...

  2. :) Yay for healthly babies! They should always have waiting rooms for non-sick people so germs don't spread to them...ahhhh! I remember the first check up my son had I was so glad they let me wait in a room because there was a lot of sick people waiting also...ewwwww....

    btw, I'm from over at mom bloggers :) & I'm following now!

  3. Glad you got a good checkup. Thanks for stopping by today.