Saturday, April 10, 2010

Project 52: Wii Date

Previously I mentioned that Robert and I pledged Project 52. Until tonight, we had yet to have a date or have time to do so. I'm soooo glad that we did tonight!

Our date was super simple, but well needed after we both had a hard day working! For christmas, we had bought the wii for each other along with other things but I had yet to play it since Caelyn was born. Tonight was our night! I really believe that having fun together is one of the most important aspect to keeping a relationship together.

We spent an hour playing the wii - we played the Price is Right and Wii Sports. Okkkkk, so I got my butt kicked in tennis and in boxing, but I won bowling AND baseball. Go me!
My right arm is aching but it was sooo worth it!
I love Robert and I love spending time with him. It gives me time to remember why I fell in love with him to begin with.

If you have yet to hear about Project 52, check it out here at Simple Modern Mom!

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