Saturday, April 10, 2010

Child Abuse Awareness Month

I am sure many of you know that this month is Child Abuse Awareness Month. I thought it was important to blog about this because it is something that is dear to my heart and something that we ALL should be concerned about.


Recently in a town not too far from me, a child died from severe neglect. This child was an infant and the father called 911 and couldn't even tell the operator how old the infant was. He didn't know. They responded to an extremely dirty home and found the child dead. The father was calm and didn't care, neither did the rest of the family - mother and grandparents. The child's diaper hadn't been changed for days. Had it ate recently? Probably not - I am not sure.
Imagine - how loud did that baby cry?
I can't imagine because once I think of that baby's pain, I begin to cry. I am crying as I write this.
When I first heard the story, I cried for hours. No lie. I remember looking at Caelyn and telling her that she would never have to suffer because Mommy and Daddy will do anything to take care of her. Anything.
I know that the baby is in heaven now. I believe that children that have died have a special place in God's kingdom. I know that baby is now happy in heaven and God is taking care of him. He is home now. But - why does he have to be there? Why did no one notice? Why did those grandparents not do anything? Why didn't the neighbor call? The house was in deplorable conditions and there were 2 other children living there besides the baby, I would call. Why?

Child abuse is nothing to ignore. I encourage all of you to always be vigilant everyday. If you can help one child, you have done a wonderful deed. If you have any suspicious that a child is being neglected, abused physically or sexually, or anything, call social services IMMEDIATELY! Do not debate it in your mind because one minute could change everything. Don't regret your decision. If they investigate and everything is ok, then it was a false alarm. But, you must think of the safety of that child. Even if that person is a friend of you, the safety of a child is more important. That child cannot defend itself - please, do what is right.

There are so many cases of child abuse every year that are reported. Most go unreported. If we all step up, we can change this!

Remember: it shouldn't hurt to be a child.

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