Saturday, April 10, 2010

Diapers, Diapers, and more Diapers

Caelyn has advanced to size 3 diapers.. at 10 weeks old. I know babies that are 4 months old and are just reaching size 3 diapers. I guess my child got back haha.

I'm not sure about any other mothers, but I feel like picking diapers isn't easy. Prior to Caelyn's birth, we decided to use Huggies. That didn't last very long. I HATED Huggies Snug n Dry and tell everyone I know not to use them. They are soooooo rough. I didn't really mind Huggies Little Snugglers, but they only go up to like size 1 or 2, so I knew that wouldn't last long. Then we moved onto Pampers. I loved Pampers swaddlers, but they only go to like size 2. What, do these companys not think our bigger babies like soft diapers too? Whats the deal?! So, we tried Pampers Baby Dry. I liked them - but they seemed to run small or my child got a big butt. I'm not sure which one it is. Since she is in size 3, I could use Cruisers. But, this goes for both Pampers and Huggies, the price for a big box is $20 - human waste goes in these things and we throw them away. Ridiculous.
So, I turned my next try to Luvs. I actually don't have anything bad to say about Luvs. They aren't super soft, but they aren't nearly as bad as Huggies Snug and Dry. They fit well and we haven't had any leaks this far, which we did with Pampers. Plus, for a big box of size 3 there is 96 for $15 at walmart right now. For Pampers Cruisers is $20 for 76. I think not.

I've thought about cloth diapering - man there are some cute ones out there. But i'm totally undecided. I know there are many advantages, including money, but the starting off price is a bit high. I would love just a sample or two, but I know that no company will send me a sample. I don't want to buy all of it and not like them!

What kind of diapers do you use?


  1. There are SO many baby choices! I used Huggies supreme with all three of my kids :).

    Stopped by from MBC! Your baby is adorable.

  2. cloth diapers!!!

    although when we do use sposies we use the ones without chlorine in them :)