Friday, April 16, 2010

My First Award!

I received my first award, well awards! I received my award from...


Thank you ladies! You both are awesome bloggers yourselves =)

So, now I get to share 10 random facts about myself to you and then pass this along to 10 of my favorite bloggers!

1. I hateeeeee my feet, in fact, I hate all feet. They plain gross me out.

2. I'm trying to go green, well I am starting to

3. I can spend hours online looking up recipes. Robert thinks I'm insane.

4. I have a fear that my house will burn down because I did not turn my straightener off or any hot item - when I leave I sometimes come back inside to make sure my oven and straightener are off.

5. I really wish that I was more crafty.

6. I love rap music -haha - I love to pretend I can sing it and dance around my house to it. I do like other music like country and rock.

7. I am secretly really afraid that the world will end in 2012 and I will never see my baby grow up

8. I hate almost every kind of vegetable minus corn and even that I will only eat on a rare occassion

9. I love to clean my kitchen, I get satisfication from walking into a sparkling clean kitchen

10. I love history but suck at math so bad!

Now, I'm going to pass this on to 10 of my favorite blogs!


  1. Congrats on the new addition to your family. Motherhood is quite the journey.

    #5 You wish you were more crafty?!
    It will come. Now that you've had a child, you'll get pregnant again....with MORE ideas, more creative juices. It's amazing!!

    T. Rivera
    Twitter: @flippinfactory and @breastmilk

  2. congrats on your award - you are so very deserving! thank you so much for thinking of me. i'm so with you - a clean kitchen is an amazing feeling. if only i knew how to keep lil' people fingerprints from dirtying up the stainless constantly! when i'm prego i hardly like any fruit... and in the 1st trimester i can't stand veggies!

  3. how fun!!! thanks for passing it to me :)

    and I can totally relate to the burn the house down thing. I have come home many a times to make sure I turned something off lol!

  4. Yay - I always love to hear that someone is interested in going green! #4 made me laugh. I have been known to come back inside to check everything, get in my vehicle, panic that I forgot to check something, and come back inside again. LOL

  5. MADE my day....thank you! I got your sweet email. I can't thank you enough. I will be checking out everything you sent! I have been super sick with the dreaded morning sickness this pregnancy, so moving a bit slow!

    THANK YOU!!!!!