Friday, April 16, 2010

Interview with 6 Inches of Ribbon/An Event to Remember

Hello my dear followers! I would like for you to meet Ashley, the writer of two blogs 6 Inches of Ribbon and An Event to Remember. Ashley decided to play some switcheroo - check out my interview with her on her blog!

1. Tell the readers about yourself.
A little bit about me. Im a 25 year old stay at home mom of two children, 8 and 5. While im not doing the hussle and bussle of the kid things, I plan weddings on the side. I love being able to help people make their special day what they turely dreamed of.

2. Tell us about An Event to Remember.
An Event to Remember is an Event design company that was started in 2007. We love to meet new people and get their ideas of what they dream their wedding day would be, then we take those ideas and design many aspects of the wedding.

3. Tell us about 6 inches of Ribbon.
6 inches of Ribbon is my personal blog where I empty out everything that is in my head. Sometimes I can get overloaded and just need somewhere to write it all down. You will find many interesting things on 6 inches such as my Friday Ponderings, crafts, and kids things.

4. What is the favorite wedding theme that you have planned for thus far?
right now I am in the middle of planning a Rustic modern wedding. We are using browns, greens, and ivorys. The wedding is in October, so that is the perfect time of year for a rustic wedding. All the colors and decor will look devine!

5. What is your favorite movie, book and music? I dont really have ONE favorite movie. I love The Notebook and the Twilight series. I listen to alot of Chiristian music and read many christian books. One of my all time favorite writers is R T Kendall. He's excellent.

6. On your free time, what do you like to do? Oh.. this is an easy question. The BEACH!!! During the summer, that is where you will find me and the kids. I love just laying there thinking and watching the boys play.

7. What is your best advice for women planning weddings? The best advise I could give them, if they are planning their own, would be to get a week of wedding planner. No bride wants to worry about how things are going right before she walks down the isle. She needs to stay relaxed and enjoy her day. Let the wedding planner handle all the complications that can arise on the wedding day.

8. What should readers expect to see coming to your blog in the near future? As for An Event to Remember, I will probably start a Vendor Highlight". I will highlight my favorite vendors I like to use and hopefully show some of their work on the blog.
With 6 inches of Ribbon, im not really sure yet. I love ribbon, and thats one reason why its called 6 inches of ribbon, so I might try some craft ideas using ribbon.

9. For the future, what kind of plans do you have personally? Well I would like to travel with my hubby. Our family life was started really early, so we havent really had the chance to go and discover the world. Ive never been on a plane so I know that is in my future for sure!

10. What is your dream vacation?
A nice beach in costa rica or somewhere in that area.

Now that you know a little about Ashley, go check out her two blogs - 6 Inches of Ribbon and An Event to Remember! Also, go see my interview too!

Stay tuned tomorrow for a fabulous interview with Jackie from 3 Little Ones!

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  1. i am friends in real life with ashley and i just love her! the rustic modern wedding sounds spectacular. i want to see pictures! ; ) ashley is just a fantastic mommy and wife! oh, and is really stinkin' good at crafts!