Thursday, April 15, 2010

Project 52: Battle of the Sexes

So, date number 2 for Robert and I. I had to pick this time and I wanted to play some kind of game. I hit up Wal-Mart trying to stick to spending as small amount of money as I could. We don't want to spend much on these dates. I looked at board games and I couldn't justify spending 15-20 on a board game we won't play very often. Then I saw game cards. They had monopoly, scrabble, a lot of others, and battle of the sexes. So I grab those up for $5. Holla!

It wasn't the most exciting date in the world - we sat on the couch and played for about 45 minutes. Yours truly won 2 out of 3 games. Sooo many of those questions I had no idea! It was funny.
Afterwards, we had some major cuddle time along with being a little bit nostalgic. Robert and I have been together on and off since April 8th, 2005. We have had so many good memories together and we both love to think back to those moments.
I'm really beginning to love Project 52. Its hard to know when Robert is home in time for us to do this. But, when we do have the time, I love it - maybe because I'm crazy in love with my man!

If you and your significant other want to join up with Project 52, go check out Simply Modern Mom!

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  1. sometimes just sitting at home playing cards is the best! sounds like fun :)