Saturday, April 17, 2010

Ask the Mamas - Cloth Diapering

Ok cloth diapering moms, I need your help! We, well mostly I, have made the decision to go to cloth diapers. We are going to continue using regular diapers until we build up our stash, hopefully by middle of May - sidenote, I love how you can buy disposable inserts for the Flip diapers which are just as soft as the regular inserts, perfect for when she goes to my parents (who don't think I should CD) and when we go out. I'm ordering my next pack on Monday. I also want to try Grobaby and gDiapers.

Anyway, I have a few questions for you ladies, help me out?! haha

What kind of pail do you use, wet or dry? I feel like the dry will be stinkier but with the wet, its harder to bring downstairs and won't it get mildew on it or something weird? I'm thinking of keeping a smaller pail upstairs in her room, then another pail downstairs by the washer and dryer. At the end of the day, I will bring them downstairs and maybe keep that the wet pail and a dry pail upstairs? Plus I can scrub the poopy ones with the sink downstairs. Good or bad idea?! HELP! haha
What kind of detergent do you use? I bought Purex Free and Clear. I like Purex, I use it for us. I know that I can't use fabric softener or dryer sheets.
What is your laundry routine? I hear alot of women do like two washes in the washer. I didn't with the first load I just did (haha only 8 items - a waste of water, even on a x-small setting) but I did one only because they had been soaking in cold water for a day.

I'm sure I will think of more later - help me out!


  1. okayyy so I am using Bumgenious and i like them a lot. I just started cloth diapering and i used purex and it sucks. you have to use very little and then an extra rinse and i have had issues with stains and had to rewash. ugh. this week im ordering something else cause im not a huge fan. It gave him diaper rash at first good.
    i use a dry pail because the wet freaks me
    my wash routine is i do about 10 diapers on the high setting with a hot/cold wash and half what the detergent recommends. If you just washed them on the xsmall setting with teh purex they will prob give your babe diaper rash...more water equals less suds which equals less residue.
    okay thats all ive got for CD wisdom...let us know how you do!

  2. i admire you! you go! i so don't have the guts for cd'ing. but i know it's a fantastic way to save some dough! cheers to saving money!

  3. we use swaddlesbees econappi and bum genuis 3.0. love them!!! tried g diapers and not a big fan. but I have a friend who LOVES grobaby. If my hubby would let me buy more diapers I would love to try that brand. cloth diapers can become quite the addiction. lol. I wish there was a way to try each brand out there. I have seen some companies that will put together a trial pack.

    we use what is called a wet bag. if you google it a ton of brands will come up. really it's just a bag that had a waterproof liner in it that zips at the top. put the dirty diapers in and zip it up. then when you are ready to wash put the bag in with the diapers.

    we use allen's natural laundry soap. i also have some friends that use charlie's soap and love it.

    when we first started we only had 7 diapers so I washed every single day. it worked really well though because until we could build up a stash we used the 7 during the day and a disposable at night. now I have enough to go three days without doing diaper laundry. although I would not recommend that becasue the diapers can get pretty stinky if you wait that long. lol so I try to wash every other day. one presoak on cold and then one wash on hot. if we lived in a house I would hang dry them in the sun to get all the stains out. and if you hang dry them they last MUCH longer. but we live in an apartment so I dry them delicate in the dryer.

    hope that helps!!! glad you posted about it...I was about to email you when I saw your post. :) let me know if you have anymore questions

  4. I used the hot/cold setting on my washer. is that you mean by a presoak in cold and hot wash? lol I'm new to this whole having to do my laundry thing - I've never done laundry in my life until november haha.

  5. lol that's awesome! ummm how old/new is your washer?

    mine actually has a hot setting, a warm setting, and a cold setting. so I pre-soak in cold and wash in hot. does that make sense?

  6. It kinda makes sense. Is that all in one cycle or is that two? lol

    its older, maybe like 5-6 yrs.. we have a 4 different temps like cold/cold, cold/warm, warm/hot, hot/cold