Monday, September 9, 2013

The Start of Homeschooling - Preschool Style!

It is finally that time for our family - time to start schooling. While many were gearing up to send their kids off to their first day of preschool, I was preparing goals for our first year of schooling and picking up extra items I knew we would need throughout the year!
Preschool - for us, its definitely not 'formal.' While Caelyn may spend some time writing, our school is much more hands on and more everyday life.
My main and most important goal for homeschooling all of my children is to help cultivate a love of learning, which I believe often can be lost in normal schooling. I want my children to pursue their natural interests and passions first.

 Caelyn - on her first day of school

We are 3 weeks into school and we are finally getting into a groove that is working for us. Actual 'school' isn't more than an hour of our day - really, how much can a preschooler take? It usually involves our everyday activities:
  • Writing out the date
  • Checking the weather for the day!
  • Saying our prayers and reading the Bible verse we are focusing on for the week
  • Doing a few worksheets that revolve around the letter of the week.

 Brayden and Caelyn at the fire station - learning about community helpers!

Besides that, we spend a lot of time reading. At this age, reading is a wonderful way to learn and books can transport kids anywhere. We have read books about sea creatures, polar animals, whales, the Indians, Johnny Appleseed, and Abe Lincoln. I love to read and I pray that my children have the love for reading as I do once they are older.

Pinterest has become my absolute best friend! So many fun preschool activities can be found there. I usually pick one per day - whether it be a graph for numbers, a clothespin wheel, or some kind of nature activity. Whatever I pick, it tends to be fun and educational.
Two of Caelyn's number graphs

I try to tie in learning as much as I can and Caelyn is more than happy about it. Everyday has opportunities for learning, if we try to find them!

Overall, it is going fabulous! I cannot wait to reflect back on our first year and see what we learned (her and I both)!

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