Thursday, January 24, 2013

Homemade Treats

Our kitchen has been busy today - full of laughter, smells, and yummy food.
I wanted to share these recipes with you that we made today!
We are on the quest to replace our old snacks and all of our food with healthy alternatives. After reading the ingredients in a lot of food, I can't believe what is added and I don't want to give it to my family! Here are a few replacements!

One of my favorite treats to make is graham crackers, but they are more similar to teddy grahams. They are super popular in our house!
I have been using Weelicious' recipe for Homemade Graham Crackers for nearly two years and we love it!
Caelyn is like any other normal kid and loves fruit snacks - ya know, those Welch's ones that pretend to be healthy and 100% fruit but then you turn over the box and can't pronounce the ingredients? Yea.. that one!

So, these are SUPER easy - they might take me 10 minutes but most of that is cooling down. This recipe for homemade fruit snacks makes me happy as a mom because there is FOUR ingredients - fruit (whatever one you pick), juice (whatever you pick - lemon gives it more of a sour taste. We like apple juice), honey, and gelatin.

I have been gearing up to make homemade yogurt. To be honest, it scared me a bit! It seemed intimidating. Yeah, I was so wrong!
I browsed a few websites and most of the recipes were the same. Here is a good description of what I did.
To make flavors, I blended up different fruit and mixed it in! Banana and strawberry banana are our favorites!

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