Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What is a Thrifty Homemaker?

I renamed the blog and some of you might wonder why, although the name can give you hints.

Like many people, Andrew and I live paycheck to paycheck. While it is fairly common, it is also quite difficult. Andrew is having a harder time adjusting because he is so used to have smaller bills and extra left, while I am very used to not having extra to spend on haircuts, video games, or anything else.

Thats where the thrifty homemaker comes into play. I am still learning. Andrew works hard for his money and I do too. Stretching our dollars is sooooo important! One of the easiest places that a homemaker can stretch the budget is the grocery bill. If you pay attention like I do, you will notice that the grocery prices lately are rising and it is quite sad. When you pair the higher grocery prices, to lower coupon prices and stricter coupon rules in most stores (Thanks Extreme Couponing!!), it makes it even harder to keep the grocery bill down.

Part of my goal for this blog is now to start blogging about thrifty meals and recipes. Another great way to stretch the grocery budget is to cook from scratch. This is because a pantry full of the basics can make so many amazing things. The sky is the limit.

Remember: Almost anything you can buy in the stores, you can create at home.

The key is figuring out the price to make vs the price to buy. Some people completely don't care about the price to make because they are in it to make sure that their families don't eat the chemicals and that is totally respectable. I try to be the same way, but it doesn't always happen!

Another way to save money is canning! I am so happy to say that I am a beginner in the canning world. I can't wait to start sharing my recipes and experiences with everyone. When canning is going to come into huge play will be next summer when Andrew and I plant our first garden.

Thriftiness is learning how to stretch the budget, but still providing your family with wonderful meals, a beautiful home, and a great life.

I have so many ideas to blog about and I can't wait to show you what goes on in this little mind of mine!

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