Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Grilled Pizza Pockets

On the meal plan, I listed grilled pizza pockets as tonight's dinner and that is what we had!

Now, ours didn't turn out nearly as pretty as the one in the picture. In fact, one fell apart.. but despite that, it was still yummy. Andrew wants more things inside next time, so I think I will double the crust recipe so I can stuff it even more.

Now, my prices are a bit different than 5 Dollar Dinners - where I got the recipe. Oh, and if you have never checked out their website, please do! I love it and I will be linking back to it a lot because a lot of their recipes are awesome and thrifty.

So, lets break this down and figure out how much our dinner really cost us.

3 Corn on the cob ($.30 each) - $.90
1 box of Jiffy pizza crust - $.50
a handful of mozzarella cheese - $.50 approx.
Ragu pizza sauce ($1.14) but we only used half of the jar so - $.57
Pepperoni ($2.50) but once again we used half of the bag so - $1.25

Andrew also made himself 4 hot dogs so that is $.98 (1.97 for the whole package)

Our meal total cost us $4.70 - try and get a meal for that at a restaurant!

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