Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Flats Challenge Day 1

Well yesterday started the Flats & Handwashing Challenge and we accomplished our first day totally fine!

I wasn't feeling any type of fancy folds, even though I know how to do them just fine. Since yesterday was major laundry dry, I just picked to padfold and we went through 6 diapers. Totally normal for us. For nighttime, I padfolded two flats with a preemie prefold in the middle of them under a Bummis SWW!

With the challenge, you can only have 5 covers.. too bad my covers aren't dry right now because its chilly out and its just not drying fast in my bathroom. I actually used 5 covers, I have no idea why I did that. I just did. So I am using a Thirsties cover until they dry.

I love this challenge. Handwashing is totally easy to do!
First, I run water in the tub and rinse the flats.. just run water over and wring them out. Then, I put some water in the tub, stop the drain and put some Tide in the water and let them sit a bit.. move them in circles a bit. Then, drain the water and rise again. Probably took me like 10 minutes total. Hanging to dry is the hardest for me because my bathroom is tiny. If it was nice out, they would be on the line and they dry super fast in the wind.

As I was washing the diapers last night, I was reminded of this article I read lately that stated that since the economy has gone down, parents are having a terrible time affording diapers. People actually reuse disposable diapers. I find it sickening. I understand that times are tough.. but in my eyes, parenting comes with responsibility. Even if you don't want to cloth diaper and don't want to have to handwash the diapers.. we have a responsibility that comes with parenting. Disposable diapers are a luxury if you can afford to use them, if not, then they shouldn't even be a option. The responsibility of a parent is to diaper the child in a proper way. I am sure doctors would say that it is unsanitary to reuse disposable diapers and the rashes that will come from it will probably be painful for the baby. I can afford disposable diapers, but I don't like them. They smell like chemicals, they give rashes, they are terrible for the environment, and cost too much for something that gets thrown away.
I hope that someone who reads this or any of the other blogs that are linking up for the challenge and realize their are alternatives.

A set of flats, 12, is about $30, depending on where you get them from. But, some of the best flats are flour sacks that you can get at Target or Walmart, or the ikea burp cloths are huge and often used as diapers. Receiving blankets are commonly used, I have used them. The burp cloths that are given at the hospital to use, at least in my area, are cloth diapers. Covers can be cheap, especially previously used. Amazon sells Dappi covers which are very cheap.
We are parents have a responsibility. Diapering is one of them.

We are onto our second day, so I will update later!

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