Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Spring Semester of School

Wow, I feel so overwhelmed and busy right now! I am surprised I even remembered to blog about it!

Monday the 17th I began the 2011 spring semester of school. It is kind of bitter sweet because this was the semester I was supposed to be graduating from if I had not changed my major too late and tacked on an extra year! Bummer. I look at May 2011 and kind of get sad because I should be done, but I will instead graduate May 2012.

I like school, don't get me wrong. I LOVE my history courses which is why I love my history major. I love education, which I why I love my education courses, but I HATE being away from Caelyn. She is MY child; I don't want anyone else watching her but her parents and that can't happen while I am in school.

I am taking 6 courses, 17 credit hours, I am jammed pack. But, I am just trying to stay organized, stay on top of things and just hope my daughter doesn't get upset that she is without me for so long. I keep looking at it like, I have like 3 1/2months of it then I have my daughter to myself for basically May-August. Thats great. I have to just push forward to that. It will come and come soon, I know!

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