Monday, December 20, 2010

A Stark Realization

This post has been floating in my mind a lot and just how I was going to put this isn't words without this post being completely depressing, but I feel like it is needed.

Lately, I have witnessed a few times over how quickly life can changed and jut how fragile life is. It has made me appreciate my child a lot more lately and, at the same time, wish to God that I could put her into a safe bubble from the rest of the world.

In the beginning of December, a young girl at Franciscan ran a stop sign without wearing a belt. She was hit by a car and was ejected from the car and pinned. She fought hard for her life, but in the end, she passed away, leaving her friends and family heartbroken and devastated. If only... if only a seatbelt had been used. The doctors had said she was brain dead, there was so much trauma to her brain..

A few days ago I read a story online on a blog I read sometimes. A little boy, almost 2 years old, died when a dresser fell over and hit his head. He died from massive brain trauma. A baby - he was not even 2. Too young to die.

On diaperswappers, another nice mother lost her child about 3 days ago during his sleep. They are saying it is because of the space heater.

I just now opened another blog I sometimes read to find that her precious young boy was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in his kidneys and lungs. He is 5.

Life is so fragile, even for those that are young. I feel as if everywhere I turn and everywhere I read I am reminded of just how short life can be. It seems so cruel. But, because of this, I am looking at my child in a different manner. Right now, she is laying on the ground, cuddling a pillow. The thought of losing her breaks my heart into pieces and I can't imagine the pain that these parents are suffering. It must be like losing a piece of your soul, being ripped from you with such force that you yourself wants to die as well. I can only imagine because I never want to experience it myself and I pray to God that I never do.
I keep these families in my prayers right now during the holidays.

This post was for myself because it has been bouncing around in my mind. But, the next time you go to yell at your child because they are doing something they probably shouldn't, take a second and wonder, is it worth it? I know sometimes we are caught up in the moment, but in the end, I would hope I would never look back and say.. I never spent enough time hugging her, I never played with her enough, I yelled too much. Instead of yelling, hug that child that is misbehaving. Instead of being upset at the 3rd time that baby has woken up, be glad that you are able to hold and rock that precious being.
This holiday season, I ask you all to really appreciate those around you, because life is short, life can have terrible unexpected turns. Love those around you.
I am off to love these two people who are watching Netflix on the floor.


  1. You really read my mind. It's so hard sometimes when I have a million things going on and one of my four children do something to add more onto my to-do list (like track snow in all over the floor, which means I have to clean it AGAIN) but in the end, the floors can be cleaned. I am short tempered by nature, but that is truly something I ask God for help with daily. My kids are my world. Yelling at them is just not worth it and it makes us both feel bad. Thanks for posting this! I really am glad to have the reminder ;)

  2. I truly appreciated your post! Life sure is prescious and we all get lost in the day to day activities that we "think" must be completed or accomplished that day. Life is so prescious and so very short...we only get one shot at we might as well make the best of what is in front of us every single day! :-) thanks for your post.