Sunday, December 19, 2010

Baking and Baking

Well.. first, I'm sure to noticed my new little spiffy layout. Its cute, its simple. Whatever, I like it.
I also.. added a new facebook page! Woohoo. I decided that it was time.. Now, I must figure out how to set it all up. But, be a doll and go "like" my page. I have some grand plans for my facebook page and my followers on facebook for the next year! I need someplace also to list all of the yummy recipes I come across!

Ok, so enough with that boring stuff!

I started off the baking marathon. Christmas eve is on Friday! Holy cow!
I normally just don't bake, but with a baby.. come on, Santa needs cookies! So.. today, I baked zucchini bread. Oh man, it was so delicious! I am going to go buy another zucchini and bake one on Friday morning to bring to my aunt's house that night.

I also made oatmeal raisins, but they turned out to be terrible. I have no idea what happened. The batter was oh-so-delicious, but the end result wasn't so good.
I made great sugar cookies! They were so yummy!
And.. I made some glazed cookies, but the icing didn't turn out well thanks to Betty Crocker. Apparently, I had to buy a tip for her bagged icing and didn't. So, not all got iced, but whatever, I tried and they were really really fun to make!
I have to give proper credit where it is due. I can't take credit for these amazing creations.
The idea is of course... The Pioneer Woman! Man, I just love Ree and her creations. It is ingenius and honestly, I can see myself making these on Valentines Day.. Easter.. Every holiday imaginable! All you need is cut outs and you can make these for any holiday or event.

This is from the page with her recipe, but come on, look how awesome they are!

Warning though, the painting with the glaze is time consuming, but its still fun!

Whats your favorite cookie to bake during Christmas?

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