Monday, December 6, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree...

Yesterday, Sunday the 5th, we went and cut down our Christmas tree.
I can honestly say it was the worse time I have had ever getting a Christmas tree.

I woke up in a bad mood, mostly because the previous evening Robert decided to let his temper get the best of him and he removed the kitchen sink faucet, then was unable to get it back on. So, we had to call our landlord and he had to put it back on.
So we get going, get our stuff ready, then realize that one of the baby's gloves was missing. Great, so we had to stop at the store and get another pair of mittens.
Then Robert forgot our bag at home with everything in it, so we go back and get it. Then we go to get gas. I realize at this point that we forgot water for the bottle, which the baby needed and wanted, which sparked a huge argument with my mother as she told me to give the baby hot chocolate instead so she won't cry anymore. Really? She is hungry and hot chocolate WON'T help that.
We get out there, by this time she had fallen asleep. Well I put on my layers of coats, the Beco, then put her into the Beco and bundled us up.
It was cold. I love the cold and snow, but with a baby who I had to wake up, it isn't so fun.
15 minutes into it we realize the farm we always go to sucks, so we decide to leave.
Back I go and strip off the layers.
Then, we go down the road to another farm. The problem is by this point I just wanted a precut one. It was too cold for the baby AND this other farm was on a steep hill. There was no way I was wearing her down this hill. So.. Robert stayed in the car and I went down to look for a tree, which I slipped going down and Bretton fell. I slipped a few times, thank God she wasn't on me! Ok. I found it, then I went back and stayed in the car. A good 30 minutes later and a different tree, Robert was back.
Then we had to wait for my parents.
Finally - we went home.
I put the baby down for a nap and Robert and I got the tree ready to come inside.
I did enjoy the snow at this point. I really love the snow. It is beautiful, fun, exciting, but makes having a baby more difficult. I had fun outside, sawing off a part of the tree.

We brought it inside to unthaw and I put up the gate around the tree as such. If there was no gate, I know there would be no more tree. She would destroy it.

We let it unthaw and I made a trip to Wal-Mart. My Grandma Linda came down as we decorated. Mostly it was just me, but Robert somewhat helped.

I really wish I could get a good photo with my camera of the lights on so you can see what I am looking at right now, beside me as I sit in the recliner you can see in the background. It is beautiful. I love Christmas trees.

She looks like a big girl here, doesn't she? She honestly isn't that interested in the tree. She likes to point at it, but that is really it. She goes about her business fine without caring about it. Go figure!
Next year, we might go by ourselves, or something. We will see. I will always want a real tree. The smell in our house is great!
I am off to go study for my next exam, tomorrow at 8am so in 9 hours!

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