Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Busy Lately!

Lately, I have been really busy! I shouldn't even be blogging, I SHOULD be finishing my take home final for my education class that is due tomorrow at 11pm, but I am lazy.

Yesterday, I made a super yummy chicken fajitas. I adapted a recipe from Mommy Hates Cooking to fit what I had and it turned out delicious! Robert probably had 6 or 7 fajitas, so it is definitely yummy.
I didn't use any red peppers as they were just too expensive at Krogers, so I picked up a few green peppers since they were on sale and I used them yesterday and today, so it was worth it. You can use one or two, just depends if you like them a lot or not. I also didn't use the diced tomatoes with green chiles. I had a can of fire roasted tomatoes. Those were so great with it!

Today, I took my final exam at school for the semester, now as I said, I just need to finish my take home and turn it in online. Caelyn and I had the whole day together. I made some no bake cookies, but they didn't turn out as well because I used too much cocoa on accident. They aren't as good as my mothers - yet. They will be next time!
We took the baby to go see Santa Clause and had her photo taken. It was great! Her little Christmas dress is beautiful!

We got home kind of late and I went right to work in the kitchen whipping up some cajun chicken pasta from The Pioneer Woman. I love her recipes!
Once again, no red peppers here and no red onions, just regular old onions worked great. We used rotini instead of linguini as that is what Robert brought up from the pantry downstairs. Totally fine with me!
This recipe is so delicious and you can add or take away spice. Robert filled himself up to the point that all he wanted to do was sleep!
But, we made enough for his lunch tomorrow, speaking of which I am going to go cut up some slivers of green peppers with ranch to dip in for his lunch tomorrow!

I will leave you with some photos of Caelyn from this evening! The first was from later in the evening after dinner. The rest were from when we got home from getting her pictures taken, in her beautiful dress!


  1. Bethany, I love her. She's getting cuter every day!

  2. Thanks Nic! She is getting so big.. and just her own little person lately, which means an attitude! lol