Wednesday, June 16, 2010

When I Look Down

Tonight I gave Caelyn her late bottle; its not something that happens every night. She drank it with her eyes shut, all snuggled up in the nook of my arm. After she was done, she drifted off back into sleep. I walked her into her room to lay her down in bed.. and looked down at her in my arms. Sometimes, the sight of her still can bring tears to my eyes because..
When I look down..
I see the most important person in my life.
I see Robert, the man that I love and will spend my life with.
I see my sister; Caelyn is starting to look just like her.
I see the light in my parents eyes when they see her and how her face lights up with joy when she sees them.
I see the first time I held her; how that moment will forever be imprinted in my heart.
I see all the joy she has brought me already, all the smiles that have crossed my face because of her.
I see all of the joy and fun she will bring into our lives in the future.
I see our family that is going to grow in the future and all of the wonderful things that we will do together.
I see Caelyn; a beautiful, sparkling, intelligent, funny, headstrong (already) little girl who in 4 1/2 months has changed my life and me personally more than I ever thought possible. I see a little girl who has developed a laidback personality like her father, who loves to laugh like her parents, and who has the temper like her mother.

Its moments like this that make me thank God for what he has given me and for what he will give me in the future.

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