Friday, June 4, 2010

We Made the Switch

So, until recently, we had been a pocket and AIO type family when it came to cloth diapering. We were using Flips, Coolababy, and Fuzzibunz primarily. Robert is a fan of the Flips; I preferred pockets.

Well, I have been in a FIERCE battle with ammonia smell. I have tried EVERYTHING. I stripped with Dawn and washed probably 7-8 HOT rinses - no suds. I stripped with bleach (yes I know but I had to). I even boiled the damn things!
My water bill is going to hit the roof (I'm not telling Robert about my experiments!).
But still, no matter what water cycle I use, how many rinses, and detergent changes have fixed my ammonia smell.
I'm beginning to wonder if its just Caelyn's pee. I wonder this because I had bought new diapers - after one wash, the ammonia smell was there. It didn't have enough time for detergent build up.
But, I also figured that, even though the microfiber really really absorbed greatly, it probably absorbed the smell worse.
So, we have made the switch to prefolds and covers. I thought it would be hard, but I should have known that they wouldn't be. We still use flips, though I like prefolds in them.
I'm hoping that the covers and prefolds will make laundry day less worse.

I do need some advice though, so any suggestions? I have tried EVERYTHING. I use Hard Rock RNG. I've tried Thirsties pre-wash and super wash. I've tried vinegar. WTF?!?!

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  1. Have you tried rinsing her pee diapers out after changing her? I know that the ammonia smell comes from when the urine salts dry... So I would be inclined to think rinsing them might help.

    Also, check how high your water heater is set to. It might not be hot enough for the diapers.

    Another thing that I did notice is that Grace's pee didn't start to smell until I gave her started giving her solids. (But my diapers don't smell like ammonia after the wash, so I don't know.)

    We use 20 Mule Team Borax (1/2 cup) and the normal amount of detergent on a sanitary cycle.

    I don't know :( Never had that problem with the prefolds and covers though.