Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The New Domesticated Me

Motherhood changes a woman. I find myself lately doing things that I NEVER thought I would do and also things that I swore that I would never do. Ever - such as cloth diapering.

My family constantly lately makes comments like "Bethany, you're like a little Susie homemaker" or "you're such a little housewife" etc.
Its true!

Now that I am a mother, I find myself wanting to make my house a home. I find myself wanting to do anything that is good for her, even if it involves extra time and effort on my end. If it benefits my baby, then I will do it.

I now cloth diaper. My stash is getting bigger, there goes extra money right now, but I will work an extra day here and there to make up for it. Its extra money, right now but not for long. Its a little bit of extra time every 2 days to do laundry and either put them in the dryer or hang them out to dry. Its an extra few minutes to fold them and put them away.
I am going to make her baby food. I've already started making her carrots. Thats an extra bit of time here and there that most people don't take the time to do. It saves us money, definitely, just like the cloth diapering will. But also, it is healthier and better for her.

Despite one of my previous comments about baby wipes, I've changed my mind - I'm going to try cloth wipes! Until our stash of the disposable ones are gone, I am in the process of making cloth wipes. I have cute flannel fabric (I have so many patterns I want to try - I might end up selling some!) and terry cloth. So, my homemade wipes are part flannel and part terry cloth. I don't have a sewing machine right now, so each homemade wipe is handsewn. It takes about 30 minutes per wipe.

I'm going to homemade the baby wipe solution.

I'm considering homemaking rash cream, but right now I am using grobaby diaper ointment.

I cook dinner frequently for us as a family.

I have projects that I am planning on doing, such as making new pillows.

I have started to homemake our cleaning products. I don't want my baby around those chemicals. Any commerical cleaning products I am going to be using will be greener products.

I am going green in many places in our lives, like cutting out paper towels and napkins. I am going to make cloth napkins and I buy nice dishtowels. I also don't use paper towels to clean with - I just use cheap rags and I might use some scrap fabric!

Lately, as a motherhood, I just find myself thinking - what is best for Caelyn and us as a family? Not only healthier wise, but that is important. Never before did I consider what I was feeding Robert and I. Now, the food products I use take consideration on my end. I don't want high sodium items, just as an example. Not only is it best for us, it also is saving us money in the long run. Since I don't work a lot, we are close to a single-income home. I want to stretch that money that Robert works so hard for in everyway possible.
I have even considered one day opening a small home business with natural parenting/baby items. Who knows what this domesticated me will do next!

I love being a mother - I love doing what is best for my daughter!
A year ago if you would have told me that I would have a daughter, be living with Robert, learning how to cook and sew, cloth diapering, cloth wiping, full time student, part-time waitress, full time mother, neat freak, blogger and twitter obsessed?!!?!?? I would have laughed in your face.

I love my new life - its perfect!


  1. Aw! This is so inspiring and sweet!
    Way to go on the handmade stuff. I lack the patience to do such things. Keep up the awesome work! :)

    (Following you from MBC)

  2. that's awesome!!! you are doing much better than me lol. I really hate the domestic thing ;)