Monday, May 3, 2010

Making Baby Food

Well, since we have decided to introduce Caelyn to baby food early, I decided it was time to slowly start making baby food! I am using jarred right now because we are only giving her a little at a time and we are trying to figure out what she likes. I'm not taking the time to make peas or whatever and then later find out she HATES it!
She loves carrots - can't get enough of these things so I figured it was safe to make them. I spent $.88.. yes cents haha.. on a bag of organic carrots.
This is how I made them....
REMINDER: when you make baby food, make sure EVERYTHING you use is clean. Counter tops need to be clean and all utensils you need to be clean!
I cleaned them with hot water and cut off the tops and bottoms of the carrots.

Then, I peeled the carrots to get that nasty top layer off of them.

While doing all of this, I was boiling water on the stove.

Then, I cut the carrots up in little pieces.

Then, I put the carrots into the boiling water and let them cook for probably about 15 minutes. You can also steam carrots, but I don't have a steamer, so this is the only option I have and I don't want to spend more money than necessary!

Once they were tender, I strained the water out - for carrots apparently you don't want to use the water they were cooked into because the high amount of nitrate in it. I put a small amount into the blender, added water, and blended it on puree. Then, added more carrots, more water, puree. I continued this until all the carrots were in the blender. I added probably 2 cups of water. Use your judgment!

Once I got it how I liked it, I poured it into ice cube trays, covered with foil and placed in the freezer. When they were frozen, I popped them out and into a ziplock baggie. I wrote the date on the bag. These will stay good for about 2-3months.

I spent 88 CENTS and made 25 1-oz portions of baby food! Holy cow!

I knew I wanted to make her baby food, but I am soooo glad that I am doing it. This is going to save us sooo much money but also, I love it. It makes me feel like super mom haha. Anything extra I can do to ensure my baby is getting the healthiest food.. I'm going to do it! It took maybe 30 minutes. I folded laundry and made dinner while I did this. Super easy.

88 cents?! Thats like 1 1/2 cans of baby food at the store!


  1. Well done! We have been doing the same in our house. A word of warning - pureed peas creates some pretty interesting diapers!