Saturday, May 29, 2010

Is It Just Me...

Is it just me or is everyone around me, except me, pregnant?! I swear, everywhere I look and go half the women are pregnant!

I see their round bellies, look at my flat (almost haha) belly, and part of me craves that again. Part of me misses laying my hand on my belly and feeling Caelyn tumble and kick inside of me. It was beautiful. Part of me misses laying on the couch with Robert, with his hand on my belly, both of us feeling her. Part of me misses listening to her heartbeat every month, the excitement before the doctor visits... Part of me even misses the pregnant waddle! Oh my!
Then, the other part of me remembers the reasons why I couldn't stand to be pregnant. Sleeping was terrible - I tossed and turned all night. I couldn't paint my toenails if you paid me to. I sometimes had trouble putting on my socks and shoes. I was just soooo ready to have my baby.. I tried everything to induce labor, she was staying put.

I hope to be pregnant again in another 2-3years. If money wasn't a daily struggle for us as a young couple and I wasn't still in college, I would want to be pregnant again in a year. Sometimes, I see those other women and I yearn for that and miss it and envy then.

Am I alone in feeling this?


  1. same here. i so would love to be preggy, but we should wait a year or two. but then, i was just pregnant (baby is almost 7 months), so not sure this counts.

  2. i went through this very same phase at the very same time that elsa was caelyns age. then she began to crawl and i thought.... hhmmm, maybe wait on that. then she began to walk and i thought... i am pretty sure we are done. and now i hang out with my good friend with 3 kids (5,3 in june, 2 in nov) and think... YES, WE ARE DONE)

  3. OMG! I was just thinking the same thing! It seems like ALL of my friends are pregnant and now that Emma is 19 months old, I feel like she is a "big girl" and I want another baby so bad! :( We have been trying for the past 3 months, but nothing has happened. :(