Wednesday, April 14, 2010

We are going to try it!

So, the decision has been made - kind of. We are going to try cloth diapers. I am going to order a starter kit of Flip diapers that I found at Happy Baby Company.
We are only buying a small kit because I don't want to spend a bunch of money and not like it - if we do, we will buy more. I am sooooo excited to get to try these things.

Have any of you tried Flip Cloth Diapers? I've read great reviews, so I am hoping they will be good. I haven't ordered them yet, so if you have an suggestions, I will check those out first before ordering.

I soooo hope I love them! The only thing I am confused on is where to keep the soiled ones? In a bucket? Trashcan? What?! And what kind of laundry detergent? Any suggestions for me?!


  1. yay!!! we use cloth diapers and love it! I'm sure you will too :) I havent used flip diapers before but use indian prefolds w/ pul covers, smartipants, happy heiny, bumgenius and a few others. congrats and good luck!!!

  2. I have nannied for families that have used cloth diapers and they loved them. I would recommend washing them with "Nature Bright" it is an all natural laundry cleaner / brightener! It is absolutely amazing and it is so important to wash the diapers everyday other wise the smell will linger in the house and then it is hard to get it out. I hope you just love them, I am sure you will!!


    Nature Bright -

    This product has a 100% money back guarantee so it is worth a try, I know you will love it!! :)

  3. how exciting! I haven't tried those yet so you will have to let us know what you think!