Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It FINALLY Happened

It finally happened - last night Caelyn slept through the ENTIRE night without waking up. *does a little booty dance* Now if only I would have actually went to bed earlier than 2am I could have gotten some awesome sleep time! Boo.
Let me tell you about yesterday - it was rough to say the least. My little girl was just not a happy camper. After being stuck in the house, my Grandma and I decided to go to Target which is about 30 minutes away - I wish I lived beside it personally but then I would have no money because I would spend it all. I digress.
Anyway, I pack up the little one and off we go. She was awake a majority of the time at Target and Olive Garden. She hates her car seat when she is awake and at stores. She wants to be held and see everything. Speaking of which, I am looking for a good, sturdy baby carrier but one that won't be too hot for the summer and my little one - she is ALWAYS sweating. It must be the hair. Anyway.. back to what I was talking about. We get home around 8:30 - 9. She gets a bottle and I give her a bath. Our schedule was thrown off a bit, but oh well, I'm not THAT crazy about it.
She fell asleep in her swing because apparently she didn't like Mommy holding her. I put her in the crib around 10:30. I expected her to be up at 3 am - the longest she had gone at night was 6hours. Well, my little girl shocked me because I woke up at 6:50-7am hearing her starting to stir. I made a bottle and waited. I was pleasantly surprised. I now know that she has the capability to sleep through the night, but the question is - will she do it again tonight? Probably not, she got a bottle at 8 instead of 9, so she might wake up at 6 but thats too early for this Momma.
Oh well, even if she doesn't, I am still happy to know my little girl slept through the night, at least once. She is 11 weeks now (well tomorrow technically) and I think this is supposed to be the age that they start to do that.
When did your little one start to sleep through the night?


  1. That is right around the time Aubrey started messing with our minds like that :) It was inconsistent for the first two or three weeks. Some nights she would make it til 7am, others she was up at 3am. It was so frustrating because I knew it WAS possible for her to sleep for 8 or 9 hours. She is four months and one week now, and she has been consistently sleeping through the night (I'm talking 11-12 hours!) for almost 4 weeks now. Good luck, it's so close!

  2. getting the schedule right is huge!! keep trying and it will eventually happen... how old is she?

  3. let's see my son still doesn't sleep through the night at almost 3. lol. He has always been a light sleeper...the sound of a pindrop can still wake him up. And now that he is potty trained he wakes up to go potty (at least he doesn't wet the bed).

    And my 8 month old sleeps through the night sometimes. It kinda of depends on what is going on in the house. If we are out of town she doesn't sleep well at all. If we are home she will normally sleep pretty well. But right now I think she is about to cut a tooth so the pain is waking her :(

    As for carrirs we LOVE the ergo. are you looking for something that buckles or ties?

  4. Well, I tried one that buckled, I got it at target and I felt like it wasn't very secure. Alot of the ones that buckle seem to be real bulky and I want to be able to wear it alot.. and that will be hot. Have you ever heard of the moby wrap? i've heard good things about it