Sunday, April 18, 2010

Our Love Story

If you've been reading my blog, you know that my boyfriend's name is Robert and that are have a beautiful baby girl together we named Caelyn. I love when I read blogs and I find their "love story" you know how they met and fell in love. There is something about reading those stories that make me smile. I love love - it seriously is what makes our world better. Love brings hope and happiness.

I wanted to tell you all about Robert and I's "love story." Its nothing that could fill a romance novel, but it is my favorite romance story, that is for sure. It begins like this...

Robert and I knew who each other were for awhile prior to dating. His friend lived a few doors down from me and I used to go over and watch the boys BMX. He was usually there, but we never talked. In fact, I dated that friend that lived a few doors down, but only for awhile.

We entered our sophomore year of high school and something terrible, and I mean terrible, happened - Robert's mother passed away. She died of an aneurysm on her way to work. I remember being sick and staying home from school. I hadn't known Robert too well, but my heart bled for him. I had planned to go to his mother's funeral, but since I was throwing up, my plans fell through. I remember feeling terrible.

Months went by and our lockers were near each other. I remember always seeing him after school looking so sad. Robert is quiet anyway and I know the death of his mother impacted him hard. I would look sad also. Me being me, I realized, well I thought, he needed someone to talk to. So, after school I would look for him and start to talk to him. I am sure he thought I was nuts, but that was ok. We would walk out of school together and go our separate ways.

I don't remember exactly how it happened, but we began to pass notes - oh the joys of high school! - Side note, my man still has those notes, talk about a sap haha. thats only another reason I love him.

On April 8th, 2005 I became his girlfriend which happened to be my dad's birthday.

Things moved fast for us. He spent most days at my house almost all day. My mom tells me she felt like she adopted another child, her food bill even went up. I loved it. He would come over right after school and leave around 9pm. I just loved it.

We dated for a year and then I broke up with him. Why? I honestly have no idea - I was a silly high school student. We parted and dated other people. I still loved Robert. I was always sick with jealousy at the idea of him caring for another girl like he had with me. We dated on and off until September of 2008. During the time between March 06 and September 08 we always kept in contact.

I had broke up with another boyfriend in August, thank god, and Robert and I were talking as friends as we had for months. We started to hang out, we didn't date until April of 2009. We both saw other people for awhile, but he was always in my mind - why did I not realize that he was who I wanted to be with? I like to think I know better than my heart. In April we became a couple again. At the end of May I discovered I was pregnant. We had a few rough months mostly because I had a hard time adjusting to the idea of being a mother. I had always wanted to be a mother, but not so soon. Once I came to terms with it, things moved fast for us.

In November, we moved into our apartment. We spent our first Christmas together in our little home. January 28th, 2010 we welcomed our beautiful baby girl (which will be a whole other post for another day).

I look back and wonder why we didn't stay together all those years. I think that it was best we didn't - I don't know if we would be together now if we had. I think it was time for us to grow into the people we are today. I learned many things from the other relationships, as he did too. I learned who I am.

Now? Well I can say that I love him and I don't want to be with any other man. I have been criticized because I am not married and we have a child. I tell those people to screw themselves, to put it nicely for readers. We are planning to get married, hopefully in two years after I graduate with my degree to be a high school teacher. Engagement? Well, that is up to him. We were at the mall today and he asked for me to go find out my ring size at a jewelry store, so we did. That must be a good sign, lets hope.

So, that is our tiny love story. Its complicated filled honestly with tears and confusion. I no longer am confused - I am in love. I know he reads this so, I love you Robert. I am so glad you are the father of my child.


  1. Thanks for sharing! I love these stories too.

  2. What a nice story! I broke up with hubby too while we were dating a few times - I look back and wonder why and really don't know. Our breakups were short, but really pointless - I knew i wanted to be with him :)

  3. Oh beautiful. sounds so sweet. Every blessing with all your future plans and a blessed future together.