Thursday, April 29, 2010

Life as a Waitress

I have worked in my family's restaurant for almost 5 years. Yikes! Haha, my cousins own it, my father manages it, numerous cousins/aunts/uncles have worked there and many still do now. It is truly a family business. I love it.
Working in a restaurant is hard work, physically and mentally. It is not easy. I have learned a lot about "restaurant manners" that I wanted to share with you all that will make for a better experience, on both ends!

1. Please, please, please, have some kind of personality! If you don't have one, please develop one for the time that I am waiting on you. This will make for a truly better experience, for both of us. Remember: you came out to have an experience/food you wouldn't have at home. I want you to have a good time, but if you make it hard on me... trust me, I WILL ruin your time. Talk to me, joke with me and I will make sure that everything you need is taken care of!

2. Do not be super needy - let me explain. I know you can't get up and serve yourself. Do not tell me that you need napkins.. I get them and bring them back.. then you need more A1.. I bring that.. then you need more mayo! Listen, all waitresses generally have more than one table at a time. When we ask if you need anything, look around.. and tell us EVERYTHING you need! We really appreciate that!

3. Be patient. I am not the cooks and I do not have twenty hands. I will get you want you need, I promise! Do not get mad at me if the food takes longer than you think (look around, if we are veryyyyy busy, it may take awhile.. so sit back, enjoy your salad and talk to your friends/family!) If you want fast food... then please, hit up McDonalds!

4. Tip. This is the most important thing for a server. As a waitress, I make.... $3.60 an hour. Yes, you read that right. I only work 2 days a week for extra money for groceries and such, but.. many people need to support their families on tips. 15% really is not the going rate anymore, 18%-20% please unless the service is bad! If you go to a local restaurant, as my restaurant is, I remember faces. Yes.. if you tip badly once, I expect you to do so again. Your service will not be as stellar as the first time you came and yes, I will tell all of my friends at work what you tipped me. So, word travels! If you tip well and we know it, your service will be awesome and you will leave happy and full!

5. Put your cell phone away. This is for me and you. Take the time to relax and deconnect from technology for a few. Enjoy your time, but also.. it is very hard to take your order or make sure that everything is ok when you are having a conversation with your mother about the dress you just bought. Please, call her when you leave. I get very frustrated when you just stare at me when I ask you what you want. If you need to call someone, wait until your order is taken.

6. Please, keep your children seated. Ask for a booth if you must to contain them. This is for me and you. There is hot food being carried along with drinks, forks, knives, etc. If they are running around, wrestling, kick-boxing (yes I have seen this), someone is bound to get hurt. So, contain them! Leave if you must. The other people eating will thank you, as will I. The last thing I want to have happen is a little kid run into me while I am carrying hot food.

My list could go on and on.. like, don't be picky about where you sit.. you get the same service at a table as you do at a booth.. (from my years as a waitress).. don't wait to order dessert when i bring your check.. After 5 years, I see a lot. I love/hate my job. I cannot stand how disrespectful people are in this world. Just because I am "serving" you does not in anyway make me below you!

I really believe everyone should waitress for a day, you see a whole new side!

This is definitely a rant haha, but at the same time, I hope maybe you learned something or just laughed!


  1. I waited tables at Romano's Macaroni Grill for several years. I too have thought about putting together a list like this for others to read, but as soon as I get started, i can't stop, then I end up wanting to break something in my house due to lingering frustrations. Waiting table is hard, and unless someone has done it, they have absolutely no clue exactly what kind of crap we put up with!!!

  2. It is sooo difficult - not only physically but mentally! It has made me realize how rude people are and how disrespectful people can be to others! I know - once I start, I can't stop! haha