Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cloth Diapering

Well, its pretty much official that I love cloth diapers! I mean, I'm not a HUGE fan of the whole poopy diapers, but I can live with it. What I do love...
  • Knowing that once I have a big enough stash, I won't have to really buy too many diapers! I will continue to buy the flip disposable inserts which work for the flips and I also put them in the gdiaper that my friend gave me and I will have regular diapers here for when babysitters are here, which is maybe once or twice a week, so thats not a lot - maybe a small pack a month!
  • That one day when I have another baby, these can be used on that baby too!
  • Her little butt in these diapers! I told Robert that she has a "badonkadonk" butt in them - I love it.

The Flip diapers, if you haven't tried them, are awesome and super cheap compared to almost all of the other ones I have looked at. sells a day pack which has 2 covers and 6 inserts for $49 plus free shipping! The covers for the flip are made of PUL so its reuseable. The inserts?!Made of microfiber and a stay-dry type suede against her little butt. Her butt never feels damp.
The only complaint that I have seen about the diapers? Well some complain that poop sometimes doesn't stay on the insert and gets on the cover. It doesn't leak out tho. Its just that the insert isn't as wide as the cover. But, honestly, who cares? A regular diaper.. poop gets everywhere! At night, I doubled up the inserts and NO LEAKS!

Basically, I love cloth diapers thus far. I have Flips and gDiapers.. I need inserts for the gDiapers, currently I'm just using my disposable inserts with those. I don't want to use the ones that have to have covers over them - I feel like that would be too hot. Just my personal opinion I guess. Soooo I still want to try Grobaby and Fuzzibuni... any other suggestions?!


  1. you are a better woman than me... i can't get into cd'ing. i just settle for stacking coupons and getting diapers as cheaply as possible.

  2. New to your blog....I too had a little baby girl in January : )