Wednesday, April 28, 2010

3 Months Old!

Dear Caelyn -
Little Princess, you are 3 months old today! Boy, these last 3 months have flown by! It is an absolute joy to be your mother. I love you.
You are getting big already. Here are some notes about what you are doing so far:

  • You fit into size 3 diapers, but now we have switched to cloth!

  • You wear size 3-6 onesies, and 3-6 pants, but sometimes those are too long - your legs are a little stubby! If only there was an in between size for 0-3 and 3-6. Those you would fit into perfectly!

  • You hold your head up great now, only sometimes you get a little bit wobbly!

  • We think you might have found your hands, we aren't too sure yet. You absolutely love to suck on your hands and your thumb!

  • You loveeeee to look at everything! You are such a nosey little girl. Even if you are screaming at the top of your lungs, looking outside or walking outside makes you calm down instantly. If we go out someplace we can't keep you in the car seat for too long when you wake up because you just want to see everything!

  • Lately, you've finally decided to lift up your head at a good 45 degree angle while on your tummy. You really hate tummy time!

  • Speaking of tummy time, you've started trying to rock yourself while on your tummy. We are hoping to get a roll out of you soon!

  • You now drink a full 8oz bottle with 3tbsp of cereal every 5 hours. You are such a little piggy girl.

  • You don't really "laugh" just yet, its more of a chuckle.. but you squeal when you are happy! It is soooo high pitch, I think it could break glass!

  • We started giving you some baby food! You like sweet potatoes, but it made you poop immediately. Mommy and Grandma figured that maybe it wasn't a good choice for you. But, you thought it was yum yum! We tried green beans and you loved those too! Luckily, those don't make you poop immediately.

  • Speaking of baby food, you sure are a piggy with that too! You scream in between bites until you get more. You open your mouth waiting for more. Its so funny!

  • You finally have had your first real diaper rash issue =( you had a tummy bug recently and got it pretty bad because of all the pooping you did. Its going away slowly. It makes mommy sad =(

  • You smile all the time and love to kick your feet and "talk" to us.

You are becoming so fun already. I see the differences, even the small ones, since you were born. It is amazing. I love you little girl. I can't wait to see what you will be doing in another month! Mommy can't keep up!

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