Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Joys of Couponing

Lately, I have been into couponing. I mean come on, who doesn't like coupons? Robert and I are definitely on a budget. But, I don't want us to eat like we are on a budget. Also, I don't want to depend on frozen pizzas. I would get sick of them and that is very fattening. I spend time each night looking for deals. I generally find some good ones.

Where do you find good deals?

Before I started couponing, I was always shopping at Wal-Mart. Now, I go to Krogers. Why? Their prices tend to be a bit more than Wal-Mart. Their sale prices ROCK! But, more important to couponers, they almost always double coupons and on certain days, they actually TRIPLE coupons! That means that if you have $.50 off an item, you actually will get $1.50 off! That rocks.

Caelyn is now 2 months old. It really is unbelieveable. She is precious.
For about a month now, we have been putting cereal in her bottles. She has reflux so she needs a thicker formula to hold it down. We use Beechnut cereal and we love it! I love the pourable container which makes it easier.
The doctor told us to give her juice if she is constipated. So, in order to regulate her and sometimes help her because it does happen, we give her 1oz water and 1oz juice every day. She loves it, plus it helps her stay regular. Today, I needed to get some more apple juice (I think she prefers pear juice) and I had a $1/2 Gerber Juice. I was way happy. So I got 2 and they were on sale for $2 each. Thats $3 for two! Then, at checkout, after buying more items, one of the printout coupons they give out was $1.50/3 plus a $.50 off next purchase! So, I sent Robert out after I got home. He got 3 32oz bottles for $3.50! So today, I got 5 bottles of Gerber juice for $6.50! They don't expire for almost a year. By then, we will be done with them! Goodness, we will be done with them within a month or so! That made me happy today.
Plus, I have a sleeping baby on my chest. I don't often let her sleep on me anymore, but sometimes, I just love to let her.

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