Saturday, May 1, 2010

Baby Wipes

I think parenthood decisions have been a struggle for me. I struggled trying to figure out what kind of diapers to use - Huggies, Pampers, Luvs, Targets?!! Now, I love cloth diapering but I am faced with hundreds of choices. Its overwhelming but I'm addicted to looking. Anyway.

I struggled giving up breastfeeding, even though I know it was what was best at the time.. being a full time student with not enough milk in to supply for my baby while I was gone... tongue tied issues and such... all led to an emotionally exhausted mother.
Once I decided to give up on the breastfeeding, I struggled trying to figure out formula to use and if I should use cereal. I am glad I decided to use cereal - otherwise, most of her bottles come back up again. Ugh.

I just feel like I will make the wrong decision and be a failure. No lie, thats how I feel. I feel like if I pick the wrong thing.. then I fail at being a mother and it will somehow emotionally affect my daughter. It weighs on me to be the perfect mother. Anyway, I digress.

Baby wipes.. what kind do you use?
I've tried Huggies.. we have a few in the closet waiting to be open.. Wal-Mart brand? Ugh. Target brand? Ok.. Pampers... Yes! I don't like the sensitive, they are way too thin. But, boy I LOVE Pampers Thick Cares (I think thats what they are called but Thick is involved in the name somewhere). I loveeeee them. They are perfect for icky messes.

The thought of cloth wipes has passed through my mind. I mean, we are cloth diapering after all. But, Robert struggles enough with my decision to cloth diaper, I think cloth wipes would push him over the edge.

So, what kind of baby wipes do you use?!


  1. I used cloth wipes for a while, but I just wasn't loven' it. Now I use Huggies green tea and cucumber. They are think, soft and smell ah-mazing!

  2. Kirkland are THE BEST! you can get them at costco or amazon

  3. I use cloth wipes - at first I wasn't sure I would like them but now I love them. I use Thirsties Booty Luster (helps with diaper rash) and these wipes:
    and the Cotton Velor and Two Sided Wipes on this page:
    Then I just throw them in the diaper pail and wash them with the diapers, and toss them in a basket after they're dry.
    Also, on the changing table I have this thermos: It keeps my water hot for up to 48 hours and I just pump it on the wipe, spray the solution, and that's it!

  4. dont' feel bad - as mothers we all make mistakes but that is part of life. we also learn from them too :) And what you may decide to do for you & your family may be different than what someone else decides, but that doesn't make either right or wrong. as long as you are doing what you think is best for you & your family, and at the end of the day, everyone is happy - then you are doing wonderfully!!!! welcome to motherhood - lol - where everyday you question on how well you are doing your job!

    as for wipes - I love cloth - once I switched I have a hard time using any disposable ones - and for the same reason you already mentioned - thickness!!!! I havent found a disposable that's as thick as cloth :)

  5. I make my own wipes and let me tell you I LOVE them! I didn't use them with my girls cause no one told me about them..But now I do and it's easy and cheap! Here's how

  6. I felt like that as a breast feeding mumma, who tried so hard to breast feed my first baby, but she had all sorts of problems, she wouldn't latch correctly, she never drank enough, so was always hungry, i suffered mastitis 3 -4 times, heavy infection after another, it was awful and i was exhausted, i reluctantly gave in around 3 months persevering and sobbed so hard, feeling a complete failure! But it was the right thing to do, for her and me, as she was not getting fed correctly. she took to the bottle so much easier. It was a hard time, especially as i had high expectations of how I wanted to mother her. My second daughter was the opposite a great breast feeder, so easy! I enjoyed the blessing of that! I use, eco baby wipes, shops own brand.

  7. do you have a Whole Foods near you?? their wipes are the softest I have ever come upon!!

    and you are NOT a failure!! the truth is we will all mess up. but kids are so resilient. As long as you love them as much as you can, that is all that matters. My MIL thinks (and tells us) that we spoil our kids by holding them to much. Our pediatrician says that you absolutely can not love a child to much. So love on her! and that is all that matters. :)