Monday, April 12, 2010

Part-Time Single Mom

Well, until late Wednesday night/early Thursday morning, I'm talking 4-5am, Robert is gone working. Boo. Granted, we always need money and he will be making a nice chunk, it is hard to have him gone. I miss him and even though I know she is too young, I think that Caelyn misses her daddy too.

Tuesdays I don't have classes, so my day is full of Caelyn and housework.
Monday and Wednesdays are another story. Let me explain what my Wednesdays (with Robert gone) are like:

8am: wake up, get myself ready, eat breakfast etc.
8:45: feed Caelyn, get her ready, pack diaper bag.
9:30: Drop her off at my parents - spend about 5 minutes explaining how to make a bottle (my dad can NEVER remember)
10-10:50: Psychology class
11 - 11:40: hang out with my Dad and Caelyn
11:45: go back to class
12 - 2: two different classes each an hour long
2: Pick up Caelyn, go home and spend the next few hours making dinner, studying, giving bottles, whatever needs done.
5:40: Drop her off again at my Parents
6 - 8:40: my history night class
8:45: pick her up - bath, bedtime story, bottle, and bed for her.

Sometimes those days I feel like my day never ends because after her bed time it is time to wash dishes, take a shower, do laundry, and do homework! Mondays are easier - I am done with classes today at 2pm.
I feel like I never get anything done these days although I only stop to read some blogs and update mine, which I love doing.

I give kuddos to all single mommas out there! My mom did it for about a year and a half in the beginning with me - I think she is superwoman for that. Just having 3 days without Robert stresses me out. He is an extra pair of hands, a warm hug, playmate with Caelyn, and bottle washer!


  1. Oh you truly are a modern mom! It's so hard when my Hubby puts in the extra hours. I feel your pain:)
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and following, I'm happy to meet you and following right back!

  2. oh bummer!!! I feel hubby works full time and is in school full time so we don't see a lot of him :(

    but extra cash is always nice!! if only they would pay you to go to school....we would be set!