Monday, April 26, 2010

Manager Specials

Do any of you shop at Kroger? I do for a lot of items and I love it, usually. I tends to be a bit more expensive than stores like walmart, but double coupons and coupons given at the register tend to make up for that in my opinion.

One way that I save money at Krogers other than coupons is I look for manager specials. You can find a huge amount of these in the meat department! Manager specials are when the price is cut down pretty low because they need to sell within a day or two. If you are cooking it that night, or going to freeze it right away, they are GREAT DEALS. I got two packs of chicken thighs for $2 each. All kind of meats go on manager specials, so keep your eyes open!

Another place in Kroger to find manager specials is in the fresh vegetable section. If you look at the area with bagged vegetables and herbs in packets, you can find great manager specials. Fresh herbs in packets generally go down to $.99. I see fresh stir-fry veggies usually at $1.25.

Another place to see these manager specials is in the bread section - I have gotten bread as long as $.49 a loaf because of it!

I think one of the best ways to save money and be "frugal" is just to look and keep those eyes open. There are good deals and ways to save money out there!

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