Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday

As many of you know, today is Good Friday. Today is the day that Jesus died on the cross for US. Yes, us - everyone.
Until recently in my theology class, I can admit I never truly understood how Jesus died for us. Luckily for me, I am studying the catechism of the catholic church and I feel as if I truly understand this all so much better.
I am in awe that Jesus died because of our sins - yes your sins, my sins, everyones. He took on all of our sins and he died because of this.
Recently I read the Passion of John in class and my teacher pointed out to us that Jesus was in control during the whole ordeal. Jesus knew the entire time what was going to happen. When he was questioned, he questioned the questioners! When he was led to his death, he was not led by anyone, he led them! Amazing!
We can truly learn from Jesus and his self-sacrifice. Jesus forgave our sins and forgiveness is something I know that we all can work on.
I have a challenge for everyone. Today, besides the normal not eating meat, offer up another sacrifice. whatever this sacrifice is, that is your choice! Offer this sacrifice up to God and tell him to give it to someone who needs it. God will give it to someone He knows that needs help. Your sacrifice can help someone you don't even know. Because of Jesus and the cross, we can do this. Because of Jesus, we can learn to be forgiving and self-sacrificing. He is our perfect example.

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  1. I went to write to you as a reply to your message you left me on MBC. I was about to write, Bless you MRS, then I stopped myself..I felt God prompt my heart that perhaps you weren't married, but wanted to be. I was filled with his love for you. I came here and see you are planning to be married, He is a sensitive God! Who knows our frame and our desires. May the plans go well, be blessed in Him.