Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Flashing Light?!

Today has been a rough day for Caelyn and I. I woke up to a VERY unhappy baby. She spent the first hour of our day screaming. I had no idea what was wrong. Then, the little squirt looked at me and smiled - a big one! That definitely made me laugh.
Throughout the whole day, my little girl had multiple meltdowns. Sometimes I wish there was some kind of flashing sign above her head to let this confused momma know what is wrong!

I had to laugh because my little sister said "well why can't she be born talking?" She is right - that'd be so much easier!
Sometimes, I get so frustrated!

Hungry? - no just finished a bottle
Dirty diaper? - no just changed!
Tired? - nope, just napped!
Cold or hot? - Skin feels the perfect temp - not cold or sweating
Bored? - Girl, I've been trying to play!

Hahaha. If only there was a sign to let me know what she wanted!

Oh well, tomorrow is my long day - refer to my post Part Time Single Mom to see what I mean! At least tomorrow, well Thursday, around 2-3am I get to see Robert. Boy, we miss him!

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