Saturday, April 3, 2010

Contacting Companies

As I've mentioned before, Robert and I definitely have to budget. One day, I hope we will have the luxury of not having to, but until then, it is a must. I budget no more than $50 a week on grocery items, including baby items. That is only $200 a month to feed us 3. I hope one day to cut that down once my couponing skills and food stockpile gets better.
How do I only spend $200 a month? Well for one, I meal plan. I am going to do a whole section on meal planning. I never thought of it before but I love it and it definitely helps me save money. And.. I coupon and I shop at a grocery store that doubles all my coupons $.50 and below.
I have tons of coupons - more than I probably would ever need. I get them from my weekly newspapers. I buy about 4 each week. I buy the All You magazine once a month. I print coupons online. I also contact companies and sign up with companies.
I suggest if you want to contact companies to set up an email account just for that because you will get a lot of emails. Unless you don't mind this that is.
I have signed up for many companies and almost all of them will send you coupons from time to time.
Some of these companies are:
Little Remedies
Birds Eye
Arm and Hammer
Del Monte

I have applied to many other companies. Either sign up for their newsletter or just shoot them an email. I once sent an email to Birds Eye telling them how much I enjoyed their products (I didn't even ask for coupons, but I generally do) and I received a whole book of their coupons!
Apply for the companies that you use most frequently and also write them emails. Almost all companies will send you some kind of coupons either via email or regular mail. Make sure to leave your street address and your email address!

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