Tuesday, March 30, 2010

To Schedule or Not to Schedule...

Since being pregnant and having Caelyn, I have spent a great deal of time reading baby books. I love to read and I generally found everything I read interesting and helpful. I noticed that there seemed to be two parties though: those that praised schedules and those that didn't believe in putting your infant on a schedule.
During my pregnancy, I never put a second thought to it and just read the next chapter. Now, two months into motherhood, it has become a more common thought in my head.
In fact, I love scheduling. It may be because I myself have always been on a schedule. I am a full time student, so I am always on one. Now, we are not putting Caelyn on a super strict schedule. I know there are parents out there that do such a thing. This would be like 10am bottle, 2pm bottle.. etc. guaranteed no matter what. They nap at the same time, sleep at the same time, etc.
Personally, I also like flexibility. Lately, our schedule runs something like she has a bottle every 4 1/2 to 5 hours. When she has a bottle is determined by when she gets her morning bottle. I don't like to wait til she is screaming for a bottle, so if around 5hrs after her last bottle, I give her another one. We give her a bath around 8-8:30 with a bottle around 9 and she goes to bed around 9:30. This gives us plenty of time to lounge around, clean, for me to do homework, etc.
As I said, I like flexibility though. We go out as a family a lot. So, if things run over, I'm not a mom that will rush home to be on schedule.
But, it does give us some predictability and some personal non-baby time, which is needed!


  1. scheduling is a MUST for me too! i think it's best for our babe's too! they just are happier babies this way! i am flexible too, though, just like you. oh, and thanks for the moby advice! i really appreciate it! i think that is my top pick for now!

  2. Sounds like you have a great balance and outlook on this topic of scheduling. I'm a lot like you but maybe too much of a "scheduler" and could benefit more by being a little more laid back with it.

  3. I think scheduling is much more important when they are older. I think you will find she will get herself on a pretty good schedule. Both my kids did. And we just follow their lead. It's good to be flexible!! :) She is sooooooo cute!!